My interests are mainly in figures and faces and expressing a character or a mood through colour, line, tone, texture and moreover style.

I have experimented with many different media and recently discovered oils which I love.

Much of my work is in pastel which is a good media to manipulate and develop, unlike watercolour which requires much skill to retain the translucence and freshness of the media.

I love to draw figures and faces in charcoal and use vibrant colours in pastel.

Actually some of my passions in life are anything ‘Art Deco’ but specifically I collect purses from the period, the art of the period, anything ‘Bloomsbury’ the art of Wyndam Lewis, Egon Sheile, Modigliani and many more!

I love my chickens and my dog too!

My work ranges widely and reflects my many interests as you will see on this site.

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